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Fellowship Program

Please refer to the SFMatch website to register for the match and read about the new process for applying to Ophthalmology Fellowship training. Once registered you can view our program listing on the SFMatch directory website for all required documents.

South Texas Retina Consultants Vitreoretinal Fellowship Program

The STRC Vitreoretinal Fellowship Program stresses clinical and surgical training as well as research.

All clinical and surgical training occurs under the direction of Charles Campbell, M.D., Preceptor.

Clinical training involves direct interaction in the office with vitreoretinal patients of South Texas Retina Consultants. Surgical training occurs in a hospital operating room or ambulatory surgical center setting providing fellows observational and hands on experience.  Additional activities used to enhance a fellows experience include but are not limited to: following the management of infants with retinopathy of prematurity, the SEAL program, weekly fluorescein angiography conferences, as well as regional and national vitreoretinal conferences.

Dr. Campbell is the Principle Investigator on multiple sponsor initiated Clinical Trials for AMD, Diabetic macular edema and retinovascular diseases. All study related operations are coordinated through Clinical Research Director, Mariette Chorbadjian, PhD. Clinical studies focus primarily on Phase II and Phase III trials involving different aspects of vitreoretinal disease. Fellows are granted the opportunity to become sub-investigators for trials ongoing during their fellowship, providing for firsthand exposure to clinical trial operations, procedures and future treatments.

STRC Surgical Education and Activities Lab (SEAL)
Eyesi Ophthalmic Surgical Simulator used in Fellowship SEAL program

To keep with the cutting edge philosophy at South Texas Retina Consultants (STRC), Dr. Charles H. Campbell, Fellowship Preceptor, founded the STRC Surgical Education and Activities Lab (SEAL) in 2007 to train surgical retina fellows. Patterned after the Duke University SEAL program, Dr. Campbell incorporated the Eyesi Ophthalmic Surgical Simulator (VRMagic, Mannheim, Germany) into the surgical training curriculum for retina fellows in the Class of 2007. In doing so, he successfully created a ‘risk-free’ environment, accessible 24-7, for fellows to advance their vitreoretinal surgical skills. The STRC SEAL program also accelerates the learning curve for fellows to achieve their ultimate goal of solo vitrectomy surgery.

The Eyesi simulator maintains a realistic environment consistent with that of the OR. Current fellows are most impressed by the Eyesi microscopes ability to render stereoscopic views of the surgical fields, using a foot pedal identical to the current OR microscope and vitrectomy equipment.  The numerous posterior segment training modules simulate the use and manipulation of forceps and vitrector, the precise movement of instruments and anti-tremor controls which are all challenges for surgeons in training.

On a given afternoon at South Texas Retina Consultants, you can find fellows huddled around the Eyesi practicing procedures such as vitrectomy, epiretinal membrane peeling, and internal limiting membrane peeling. You can see the stress level build on their faces as the modules become more difficult; giving them a sense of reality they would otherwise only experience on a live patient. 

For more information about the Eyesi Simulator visit:

Fluorescein Angiography Conference

A weekly fluorescein conference is usually held in the evening following patients. Participants include both 1st and 2nd year fellows, Dr. Campbell, Preceptor and occasional special guest physicians. A rotating schedule is developed wherein each fellow exhibits approximately one fluorescein per month.

During the fluorescein conference, the fellow will introduce interesting cases illustrating a particular disease or physical finding.  The fellow will present the case and then provides a summary of the disease topic citing current literature and journals in support of the standard treatment(s).  All in attendance fully participate in a round table discussion.

Past Fellows Year Current Practice City, State
Waldemar Torres, M.D. 2003 Sarasota Retina Institute Sarasota, FL
Gerardo Escobedo, D.O. 2004 Premier Retina Specialist Midland, TX
Eric Romriell, D.O. 2007 Idaho Eye Center Idaho Falls, ID
Joseph Brown, D.O. 2007 Joseph A. Brown, M.D., PA Pikesville, KY
Robert Mason, M.D. 2008 UAB Eyecare Birmingham, AL
Bryan Angle, M.D. 2008 Angelo Retina Associates San Angelo, TX
Tayson Delengocky, D.O. 2009 California Retina Associates El Centro, CA
Kurt Jackson, M.D. 2009 Retina Center of New Jersey Bloomfield, NJ
Karla Alejandro, M.D. 2011 Newsom Eye Tampa, FL
Carissa Klaas, M.D. 2011 Vitreo Retinal Center PSC Evansville, IN
Justin Paschauer, D.O. 2012 Warren Clinic, Inc. Tulsa, OK
Sandra J. Sofinski, M.D 2015 Kern Medical Center Bakersfield, CA

If you would like to apply, to come for a short visit, or to further inquire about the fellowship, please contact: John Landers, Administrator, 5540 Saratoga, Suite 200, Corpus Christi, Texas, 78413 or by telephone at (800) 779-3482 or by email:


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