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Meet Dr. Moscoso
STRC - Dr. Moscoso

I immigrated with my family to the US (NJ) when I was five years of age. We experienced trying times as my parents encountered language and socioeconomic barriers. My parent's divorce exacerbated hardships as our mother was our sole means of support. I was an honor roll student despite working forty hours per week during the latter half of high school. These humble beginnings served me well in my adulthood.

My performance in college allowed me entry into medical school. With encouragement from my physician uncle and while conducting research in ophthalmology, I solidified my decision to pursue this field.

I treat my patients as if they were a member of my family and require a good relationship with all of them so that there is mutual trust. I think medicine is as much an art as it is a science.

My wife and I have a combined family consisting of six children and 2 grandchildren.

Although I have encountered many obstacles in my life, it has been through hard, diligent work, sacrifice and dedication that I overcame my hardships, faced my challenges and persevered. I honestly believe that my life exemplifies the "American Dream" and as such, it is a tribute to the American way of life.

I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to care for patients with retinal diseases that include diabetes and macular degeneration in South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley.