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Clinical Research

The South Texas Retina Consultants’ Clinical Research Department was created in early 2006 to further the advancement of retina research. Dr. Charles Campbell has always believed in utilizing cutting edge treatment and surgical technology to preserve the vision of individuals with potential visual loss in South Texas. Dr. Campbell feels that to further the advancement of retina research it is important that the unique pathologies common in South Texas are represented in the studies. An additional benefit to the research for South Texas Retina Consultants’ patients is that the studies bring the cutting edge treatments and surgical techniques to individuals without regard for their ability to pay.


Age Related Macular Degeneration Clinical Trials
Diabetic Retinopathy Clinical Trials

To inquire about a clinical trial please call 1-800-779-3482 ext. 106 or email

Leading the research team is Mariette Chorbadjian. Ms. Chorbadjian has worked with South Texas Retina Consultants for the last four years where she has been the Director of Medical Records. Ms. Chorbadjian is highly regarded by her peers in the field of research, and she recently completed the final requirements for her PhD in Cell Neurobiology at her alma mater. She is excited to apply the wealth of knowledge gained from her research conducted at the University of Southern California and USC Medical Center, one of the largest academic medical centers in the country, to current clinical trials being conducted at South Texas Retina Consultants.

Ms. Chorbadjian states, “I am excited about Dr. Campbell’s decision to move forward with a dedicated team to advance Retina Research. I am also excited to head up that team as the Director of Clinical Research. I believe we can make a difference in the lives of our patients in south Texas.’

Magen A. Levine will serve as the Clinical Research Assistant. Ms. Levine has been with South Texas Retina Consultants for five years and is certified in visual acuity, retinal photography, and OCT. Ms. Levine worked as a Senior Ophthalmic Technician prior to moving into Medical Records under Ms. Chorbadjian.

The Clinical Research Department is currently overseeing simultaneous studies in multiple areas of Ophthalmology. Good Clinical Practice Guidelines and the highest standards of patient care are of superior importance to both Dr. Campbell and Ms. Chorbadjian. To ensure adequate attention to detail, the research department has the assistance of Joanna Phillips. Joanna’s vast scientific and clinical research background allow for the highest quality assurance expected from Dr. Campbell..

The research team takes pride in their work and their goal to ensure the patients in South Texas have access to the most advanced studies and state of the art equipment. To further insure that the study objectives, eligibility criteria, study design, investigational product, and clinical parameters meet the goals of South Texas Retina Consultants we have hired Synergyst, a nationally known medical research consultant to evaluate and oversee the studies.

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